Boss Women Media with Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator are helping Black Women through lead programming execute the following:

  • Connecting with Business Professionals
  • Storytelling Content
  • Effective Marketing + Influencer Marketing
  • Acquiring Customers/ Retaining Customers
  • Advertising
  • Unlimited “How To” Resources through Native Content

Propel will assist in programming through the following program:

We will create a platform to help 5 Women get access to Capital, Resources, and Connections!

Provide Unique Storytelling to Mentor, Guide and Propel New Business Owners.

Connect Recipients with Press Coverage for National Visibility.

Select Top 5 Women to be placed in the 5th Annual Black Magic Reimagined Marketplace

Invite Key Influencers to Event to Introduce them to the Brands for Promotional and Affiliate Opportunities.

Feature these Women with Marketing and Advertising Support.

Apply To The Boss Women x Amazon's BBA Propel

Boss Women Media is awarding 5 deserving women with the opportunity to receive the much-needed tools and resources for their businesses!

Participation in this competition is limited to Black women-owned businesses that have a product-based company and are eligible to join Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator (BBA) within 90 days of being selected as a winner.