Celebrate Your Business 'Baby' With Everything You Need To Birth Your Dream!

You are having a baby... Congratulations! Well not an actual human being but you are birthing the next BIG THING! That idea is now a business solution and you are about to change the world. GO BOSS WOMAN!

And now sis you need support! You need a village! You need resources, tools and money.

Share Your Biz Baby Story

Because Your Business Deserves A Celebration!

Here at Boss Women Media we are excited about what you are creating, birthing and bringing into this world and our community is going to rally around you to see you win.

All Year Long We are Bringing You Boss Business Showers: Submit your story and tell us what you need and if selected we are going to pop-up and surprise women from all over with the BEST Business Shower that you have ever seen.

What To Expect

  • Submit your story and don't leave anything out. Tell us how you got started, why and what you need.
  • Boss Women Media will notify you if you have been selected
  • Boss Women Media will get a list of items and resources that you need and then share with our community.
  • Boss Women Media will host the Ultimate Business Shower for you to celebrate this new milestone life moment.

You Ready?

We want to hear from you. Share your business baby story with us, so we we can shower you with the tools and resources you need to bring it into the world!